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                                                   Agia Eleousa farm

 At a walking distance from Aroniadika, one can visit Agia Eleousa, Dimitri’s farm.

Following the small land road leading out of the village, you reach the farm through pines and olive trees.

Agia Eleousa - the small church, invites you in.

From that spot, facing north, you can see the farm expanding on three small hills.

Well-restored stone walls define small fields with olive trees, vineyards and fruit trees.

All flora and fauna of the region is present here.  

 Wild pear trees, bushes (prina, skina, spartus ),  herbs (sage, thyme, oregano) as well as flowers, most of them endemic on the island.

A small “baxe” garden provides vegetables for the meals cooked at the farm.

During the day you can easily spot hawks flying over the farm as well as other small birds (kokinolemis, susurada, tsalapetinos).

When the night falls ferrets (zurides) wonder around menacing hares, hedgehogs or small domestic animals.

Hens and chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, rabbits, sheep, goats, peacocks, cats, dogs, a pony and a donkey live in the farm. 

The pony or the donkey could take you for a ride in the farm.

 You could also walk following the paths, explore the small cave, discover the wells or visit the threshing floor.  In spring amazing smells will follow you throughout your walk and the colors will capture your eyes.

 Bread and meat is baked in the stone oven, as in the old times. In special occasions visitors gather around the big wooden table under the oak trees and taste the farm’s products.

It is then that everybody raises a glass of tsipuro wishing cheers!!! 



















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